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Pre-planning a funeral ensures your family are free from making decisions about arrangements in time of grief. Planning a funeral immediately after a death can be a traumatic time for family and friends.

It is much easier to discuss arrangements before they are needed with the professional team at Piddingtons. Taking the responsibility for arranging your own funeral can be described as a sensible and thoughtful act – very similar to, and important as making a will. In fact, there are some 40 separate decisions to be made when planning a funeral. By planning together now, you will eliminate the arguments and confusion which sometimes occur over what you would have wanted. Arranging a funeral before it is needed is not a sombre occasion.

A Piddingtons funeral director will sit down with you and discuss your feelings about the service. We will outline all of the services he can offer, describing the alternatives in plain, everyday terms. You will also have the opportunity to discuss how much you wish to spend and any special features you would like to include. The amount you will need to set aside will vary depending on the style of funeral arrangements which are chosen.

Once the arrangements are chosen, payments are made at today’s prices – not further costs are involved. Even if the service is not for another 50 years, you will receive the exact style of service arranged, and a prearranged funeral is not subject to either assets or income tests and therefore will not affect pension entitlements.

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Prearranging allows you to discuss your plans with your family so that they know the arrangements you have made are compatible with their concerns. Importantly, you will be able to make plans at your leisure in familiar surroundings, taking satisfaction in the knowledge that all costs are taken care of, once and for all.

At Piddingtons, our experienced team will be happy to meet with you to discuss your options for a pre-planned and pre-paid funeral. Simply call us to arrange a consultation.

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