Monuments & Memorials


Building Memories

Organising a monumental tribute for a loved one can be an emotional and sometimes overwhelming task and we aim to make this process as easy as possible. We can supply a range of memorials catering for different needs for the erection of monuments within all the local Cemeteries.

We have beautifully landscaped grounds with a range of areas for the memorialisation of ashes. All memorials are in keeping with the surrounds, helping to show how much you care for your special loved one.

A treasured friend, companion and often, an extra member of the family. As pet owners ourselves we understand how difficult it is to lose a special pet, our range of pet memorials can help you honour and remember your loved one with a range of standard or complete customised plaques, panels and garden urn pillars. Our self guided website will allow you to sit down with your loved ones and create a memorial to best reflect your pet’s character.